Does recovery come from chocolate cows?

My preferred recovery beverage is coffee, milk, and Ovaltine. I’ll take it iced in summer and hot, with the milk steamed, in winter. Now the New York Times gives me validation. In the Times, Gretchen Reynolds writes that a post-workout meal/drink of combined protein and carbohydrates is the best way to restore and fuel tired muscles following a hard workout. In fact, according to the article, post-workout nutrition ultimately does more to pack your muscles with fuel than pre-workout (or race) carbo loading. The article gets technical about grams and ratios and whatnot and then…

But wait, not so fast. In today’s New York Times “Personal Best” column, we are led to understand that all that recovery business and minutely calibrating your carbos and proteins probably only matters if you’re an elite athlete.

Well, I’m still drinking my Ovaltine.


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