Bud Beatty 2-Mile Swim: August 9, 2009 (Maryland)

Announcing: the second annual Bud Beatty 2-Mile Swim. The swim, which raises money for pancreatic cancer, takes place at Rocky Point Beach Park in Baltimore County, MD. The race honors Bud Beaty, a lifelong swimmer who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2002.

You can sign up and view more information about the swim at the event’s website.

Did anyone participate last year? We’d love to hear your stories and race reports in the comments.


One response to “Bud Beatty 2-Mile Swim: August 9, 2009 (Maryland)

  1. This is a great swim. Originally it was going to be just me swimming last year but I had a few friends show up and swim with me. We had a great day. Its a pretty fast out and back course and minimal chop. There is a current that moves pretty good thru the channel making things fun! We were at slack tide last year so no big issues. We are looking for more swimmers to join us! I have a few friends doing a (1/2 mile each) relay! Registration website is http://pancan.kintera.org/beattyswim
    Hope to see y’all there! Oh and enjoy the festivities afterwards!

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