I’ll take Manhattan

June 6 is the date of this year’s Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, and Steven Munatones of 10K Swimmer will be providing live updates on Twitter at http://twitter.com/swimopenwater.

10K Swimmer has more about this weekend’s swim here.  And for another perspective on the swim, read the recent story in New York magazine, “Secrets of the Deep.”

“What lies beneath the surface of New York Harbor? For starters, a 350-foot steamship, 1,600 bars of silver, a freight train, and four-foot-long cement-eating worms.”

It’s good to know that the water around New York is the cleanest it has been in decades.  John Shrum of Charlottesville recalled swimming the Manhattan Island Marathon in the 1980s when “the condoms would come at us in schools.”

Ah, New York.


One response to “I’ll take Manhattan

  1. Hi! I ran into your website searching for some other things. Good luck in the Chesapeake! This is only my second year…I am starting to get butterflies in my stomach! It is so much fun, and so exhilarating when you look up and see the bridge spans above you. You have a great blog going, there needs to be more open water blogs around!

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