and a little more Chris Greene

It’s beginning to look a lot like Chris Greene Lake Week here at OWSwim.  Today we bring you an interview with Chris Stevenson, current Chris Greene record-holder in the 40-44  age group (41:11.58 in case you want to set yourself a goal). He’s also had the fastest overall men’s time for the past three years, and not incidentally holds U.S. Masters records in the 50-, 100-, and 200-meter backstroke and swam for Greece in the ’84 Olympics.

He’s interviewed online at  Here’s what he has to say about Master’s swimming:

I’ve gained much more of an appreciation for the actual process than the end result. The every day training is really what I like. I also really admire a lot of the older Masters athletes. Someone like Michael Phelps is obviously very admirable, but somebody who’s had rheumatoid arthritis and overcame that – it’s a different kind of story, I guess.


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  1. I expect to see results from CG no later than mid-day Saturday.

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