Maryland Swim for Life tomorrow

1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 mile swims in Maryland’s Chester River, hosted by the District of Columbia Aquatics Club to benefit “the Chester River Association along with various small local organizations that assist individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS.”

Online registration is closed, but race-day registration is available.  Minimum $100 contribution.

If you are swimming in this event and would be interested in writing  a race report, leave a comment below.

USMS license required?  Yes, or USMS one-event pass available for purchase for $15.

Westuit legal? Yes, although water is expected to be very warm.

Minimum age? yes, 18.

Qualifying time/swim required? No. However, the 5 mile race begins at 9 AM, all other distances in waves thereafter, and all  swimmers must be finished by noon or will be pulled from the course.

Course: Parallel to the shore, a 2.5 mile up-and-back course.  Turn buoy depends on race distance swimmers have chosen.  That is, 5-milers will go all the way to the 2.5-mile marker and turn and come back, shorter-distance racers will turn at their appropriate halfway points.  There are five inflatable orange buoys at 1/2 mile intervals, each spray-painted with its mile point.

Nice features: Chip timing!

Race support: Per the race organizers – “US Coast Guard and Maryland Natural Resources Police patrol boats are located near 3 locations: start/finish, half-way along the 2 ½ mile course (3rd buoy, 1 ½ miles  upriver), and by the final buoy (5th buoy, 2 ½ miles upriver). Paddlers in kayaks will be stationed at all turn buoys and along the outside length of the course. Boston Whalers will also patrol swimmers along the course. Kayakers and Whalers will keep swimmers on course, provide swimmers food and drink, act as a buffer between swimmers and boat traffic, and be available for any water assistance. A local rescue boat with medic/dive personnel will also be on hand.”

More information about the Maryland Swim for Life is available online here.


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