And then there’s the other Bay Bridge swim

We’ve been thinking about some fun “challenges” for open water swimming (like the 50-state Life List, where you aim to complete an open water race in every state.  Yes, Alaska has one: the Pennock Island Challenge ((and by the way, if anyone’s swimming that this year, we’d love a race report!)).  Triathlons count too.)  I have 48 to go…

So here’s a challenge for the continent-spanning OW swimmers out there: we’ll call it the “Bay 2 Bay Challenge.”  Swim the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim and the Ti2Y 1.5 mile Bay Bridge Swim in San Francisco.  If you already have the GCBS under your belt, er, Speedo, there’s still time to put the Ti2Y on your calendar for ’09.

Here’s the details, from the race organizers:

5th Annual Ti2Y 1.5 mile Bay Bridge Swim
Saturday September 26, 2009

This challenging 1.5 mile course begins off the shores of Treasure Island and ends in San Francisco at Rincon Park. A swift ferry ride from the Port of San Francisco shuttles you off the coast of Treasure Island where the course begins. Swim parallel to the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge and finish at Rincon Park.

This is the only open water swim on the Bay Bridge side of Alcatraz. Expect choppy waters around 57-64 degrees and amazing views of the San Francisco skyline. The numbers are limited to 400 swimmers so sign up now. Register at Any questions email

A few more details:

wetsuit legal? Yes, both wetsuit, and, for the bold and bare-loving, a “skin” category too.

qualifying swim or time required? No time required—but the organizers say this is NOT an event for a novice/first-time OW swimmer (cold, choppy waters and current to be expected).

USMS or USAT sanctioned? No license needed for this swim.

If you complete the Bay 2 Bay Challenge tell us your story!  Or heck, we’d welcome a race report on the Ti2Y anyway.


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