Virginia Beach Lifesaving Service swim rescheduled for Sept 13

And there’s still time to sign up if you couldn’t make the August date but you’re free on September 13.

Key information:
1K and 1 mile ocean swims, parallel to beach
ages 13 & older
USAT license or single-day pass required
wetsuit legal
benefits the non-profit Virginia Beach Lifeguard Association
VBLS swim application here (PDF file)

Here are the details about the rescheduled swim from Capt. Tom Gill:

The plan for the make-up 1Mile or 1K swim is as follows.

If you are registered and CONFIRMED  you are swimming in the September 13th race, no further action is required.

If you ARE registered and have yet to confirm you are swimming, please do so by e-mailing me that you would like to swim on the 13th.

If you have NOT registered and would like to do so, a copy of the original application is attached. Disregard the dates and just note whether you are swimming the 1K or the 1Mile. No late fees will apply regardless of when the application is submitted, but T-shirts are not guaranteed for entries coming in next week.

Race Day Registration & Check-In will run from 9:00AM – 9:45AM at 17th Street.

The Swim will start at 10AM! This is because the crowds are lighter, the Tide will be in our favor and the bathrooms will be open.

Free Parking will still be available at the Breakers Hotel Parking Lot.

The 1K Race will be a repeat of the first race starting at 17th St. and finishing at 25th St.

The 1 Mile Race will start at 17th St. and finish at 31st St.

We look forward to seeing many of you on the 13th and I will do my best to keep any bad weather away during that weekend.


3 responses to “Virginia Beach Lifesaving Service swim rescheduled for Sept 13

  1. Pls notify me of Va, NC, Md,Del etc open water swims. Did the 4.4
    and J. king this year. Did one of yours seveal years ago at Va. Bch.
    Advise and thanks.

    Sam Blood

  2. Do you have any races in the fall of 2010 ie after the jellyfish?
    Any in late June early July? Advise. Pls keep me posted re future
    swims, this year and next. Thks.


  3. And also, (below)

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