Ederle Swim update

After Nancy Steadman Martin pulled out, Hannah Borgeson continued to hold the lead until sometime in the last mile, when apparently she pulled out due to cold (she must have been seriously cold to have pulled out so close to the end).  Julie Sheldon took first place finish in 6:14.    Way to go!  Now get that woman some hot soup!  (But no–swimmers have to get back in the water after touching land to swim back to the escort boats.  I suppose once you’ve lost all feeling in your limbs, what’s a few more minutes of cold?)


4 responses to “Ederle Swim update

  1. This just shows it is not about- all-out speed. There are so many things to consider with marathon swimming.
    Julie made serious gains in the last 5 miles and for a newbie, had a very smart race!
    I am sure we will see more great swims by her.

    Way to go finishers!

  2. Congratulations to Julie and the other swimmers. The English Channel next?

  3. Yeah, Julie! More than awesome – Love, Mike and Betsey

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