Update: H2o Audio Interval Headphone System

Today, I experimented with the H2o Audio Interval Headphone System a second time. It worked flawlessly. Here are the tweaks that made all the difference:

  • Bigger earbuds: I brought ALL of the earbuds to the pool, and used a larger set than last time. They didn’t fall out once, and the sound was crystal clear.
  • Ponytail placement: Feeling like I was back in the 80s, I put my hair in a side ponytail (opposite of where the goggle clip was on the strap) and then wrapped it in my usual bun — but on the side of my head rather than directly in the center.
  • Unit placement: Then, I placed the unit in the middle of the back of my head, free of the bump of the bun it rested on (or under, or above) last time.
  • Goggles: Because I did the above and the unit wasn’t competing for head space with my hair, I didn’t need to tighten my goggles at all. Everything stayed in place for the hour I swam.

Because of the splashing sound my arms and legs made, I DID notice I needed to turn the volume up a little when I was swimming versus just kicking. But I was able to listen to an hour-long podcast, which was never possible before this device.

Now, I just have to find those goggles that don’t get foggy.


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