Diana Nyad tries again: Cuba to Key West

At 61, Diana Nyad is hoping to attempt the swim she couldn’t complete in 1978: Cuba to the Keys.  She swam for nearly 42 hours in 1978, but was defeated by wind, waves, and current. (The story of Nyad’s 1978 swim can be read here in Sports Illustrated.)

Interestingly, Nyad apparently only got back in the water in 2009, after a 30-year hiatus, as noted in a story in the Miami Herald:

Nyad didn’t swim a single lap for three decades, from 1979-2009. “Major burnout,” explains the International Swimming Hall of Fame inductee, who kept busy as a journalist, speaker and radio commentator. “Couldn’t pay me to get in the water.”

This time, she plans to forgo the shark cage she swam with in 1978.  Ironically, however, at the moment the biggest threat to her swim appears to be bureaucratic:  she’s waiting for a travel visa from the Cuban government.


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