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Summer of 2013 ocean swims


I’m long overdue for a post, but wanted to update on the races I will hopefully complete this summer!

*I hope to do this one, if I’m well trained enough before I leave for Brazil!


Diana Nyad tries again: Cuba to Key West

At 61, Diana Nyad is hoping to attempt the swim she couldn’t complete in 1978: Cuba to the Keys.  She swam for nearly 42 hours in 1978, but was defeated by wind, waves, and current. (The story of Nyad’s 1978 swim can be read here in Sports Illustrated.)

Interestingly, Nyad apparently only got back in the water in 2009, after a 30-year hiatus, as noted in a story in the Miami Herald:

Nyad didn’t swim a single lap for three decades, from 1979-2009. “Major burnout,” explains the International Swimming Hall of Fame inductee, who kept busy as a journalist, speaker and radio commentator. “Couldn’t pay me to get in the water.”

This time, she plans to forgo the shark cage she swam with in 1978.  Ironically, however, at the moment the biggest threat to her swim appears to be bureaucratic:  she’s waiting for a travel visa from the Cuban government.

Chris Greene Lake Cable Swim 2010

Some of you may remember Janet Manning’s amazing Chris Geene Lake victory story from last year. Well Janet was back in 2010 and nabbed a 4th place finish in her very competitive age group.  Way to go Janet!  I don’t even mind that you beat me!

Another great Chris Greene Lake story from this summer is featured on the USMS Web site.  From the article:

Calvin Barnes, 86, and Richard Selden, 88, also made waves at the event. Barnes finished first with a time of 1:26:27.21 and Selden came in right behind at 1:27:32.40. The two men earned the distinction of becoming the only two Americans in the 85 – 89 age group known to have raced in a two-mile cable swim. They met for the first time at the awards ceremony, where they shook hands while being recognized for their achievements.

Great Chesapeake Bay Swim 2010

The first round of the 2010 GCBS lottery is complete, and e-mail notifications have been sent out.  If  you didn’t get in, don’t despair.  Some people who did get in either will choose not to commit or will fail to submit proper qualifying information.  That’s why there’s a second round of the lottery.  In 2007, Allison got in on the second round.  I got a first-round pick in 2008 and 2009, but this year no luck there.  So you just never know.

Cheaper than therapy

It’s not just your imagination—exercise really is good for your mental health.

Ederle Swim update

After Nancy Steadman Martin pulled out, Hannah Borgeson continued to hold the lead until sometime in the last mile, when apparently she pulled out due to cold (she must have been seriously cold to have pulled out so close to the end).  Julie Sheldon took first place finish in 6:14.    Way to go!  Now get that woman some hot soup!  (But no–swimmers have to get back in the water after touching land to swim back to the escort boats.  I suppose once you’ve lost all feeling in your limbs, what’s a few more minutes of cold?)

Beware the swift and deadly strike

No, we don’t mean sharks.  The Florida Department of Natural History‘s Ichthylogy Department shows that you’re far more likely to be killed by lightning, dogs, even deer, than by a shark, and that far more people are injured every year by  room deodorizers than by those toothy predators of the deep.

Take away?  Never swim with your AirWick.